Editorial Board & Imprint

Editorial Board & Imprint


Franz Kummer, co-owner Weblaw AG, Bern (CH)

Management and chief editors
Carmen de la Cruz, LEXcellence
Philip Hanke, Editions Weblaw

The members of the editorial board are responsible for the technical review of the contributions.

Scientific Advisory Board
Ao. Univ.-Professor Erich Schweighofer, Vienna (AT)

Editorial board

The editorial team is structured across countries, languages and legal fields. The editorial teams are currently under construction.

Prof. Dr. Rolf H. Weber (CH)
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Riedl (AT)
Dr. Martin Schneider (AT)

Dr. Thomas Gottwald (AT)

Dr. Inge Hochreutener (CH)
Dr. Kai Erenli (AT)
Prof. Burkhard Schafer (UK)
Dr. Colette R. Brunschwig (CH)
Dr. Helena Haapio (FI)
Mag. Anton Geist, LL.M. (AT)
Dr. Rainhard Z. Bengez (DE)
Clara-Ann Gordon (CH)
Miriam Buiten (CH)

Regular column: The DPO View

Swiss Data and Technology Law for Practitioners

The authors of The DPO View column are in-house legal counsel and corporate data protection officers with many years of professional experience. They shed light on current issues in data and technology law from the perspective of a legal practitioner and deal with their implementation in day-to-day business.

Cooperation: Liquid Legal Institute

As part of the cooperation between Jusletter IT and the Liquid Legal Institute, various LLI publications are published as e-books in Jusletter IT and as printed books at Editions Weblaw.


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