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Jusletter IT – Legal Visualisation.

In the section «Legal Visualisation» in Jusletter IT – – legal visualisations are published at irregular intervals by Prof. Dr. Friedrich Lachmayer (Universität Innsbruck), Dr. Harald Hoffmann (Wien) Prof. Dr. Vytautas Čyras (Vilnius University), Dr. Peter Parycek (Donau-Universität Krems) and Dr. Yueh-Hsuan Weng (Peking University).

Friedrich Lachmayer has already visualised three of the articles published in the Festschrift «Zeichen und Zauber des Rechts» in his honour. Additionaly, he created presentations and audio files to these articles. The respective works are linked to existing Jusletter IT articles. This allows the comprehension of written articles in a visual and audible manner.

Furthermore, Friedrich Lachmayer is currently working on a graphical visualisation of the book «Kennst du das Recht?» by Caroline Walser Kessel, published by Editions Weblaw in 2011.

Friedrich Lachmayer's and Yueh-Hsuan Weng's project of colorizing Chinese characters (Colorize Chinese Characters [ColChinC]) is referring to «Illustrated Account of Chinese Characters» by Guanghui Xie, in which the author analyses the importance as well as the stress of characters through phonetics, illustrations and history.

Additional audio files in MP3 format are available for download for respective legal visualisations.

The legal visualisations are divided into the following categories:

We would like to invite you to participate in the project «Legal Visualisations» by sending us your visualisation work (presentations, audio files, videos etc.). Franz Kummer ( will gladly receive your contributions.

Legal Visualization – Chinese-English Version

ColChinC – Colorize Chinese Characters

Outlines of Legal Theory / Outlines of Legal Informatics

Kennst du das Recht?


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