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Jusletter IT – The Journal for IT and Law

About the Journal

Online. Citable and consistent. International, cross-linguistic and cross-jurisdictional.
Jusletter IT is published four times a year exclusively online. The focus of the journal is on IT and law, in particular data protection and data security, Big Data, e-Justice as well as LegalTech. Specialized practitioners and academics from various countries write high-quality, topic-specific and cross-jurisdictional articles in German and/or English. The articles in Jusletter IT are citable and can still be found at the same Internet address years later.

Jusletter IT is also included in the scientific journal database Scopus.

IRIS conference proceedings
The conference proceedings of the International Legal Informatics Symposium IRIS are completely included in Jusletter IT as of 2005. The annual February issue of Jusletter IT corresponds to the respective conference volume. The previous conference volumes can be found in the archive of the main issues.

Online - www.jusletter-it.eu
As a subscriber, you will receive an e-mail with the lead sentences of the newly published articles for each issue. Via e-mail and the website you have access to the full texts and the Jusletter IT database by means of a password.

Search and find
An easy-to-use full text search allows you to quickly find articles in the comprehensive Jusletter IT database. The articles can be accessed via a classification according to legal fields, article types and authors.

Publisher and editorial office
Jusletter IT is published by Weblaw AG, Bern (CH).

A renowned editorial team is responsible for the peer review. The articles for Jusletter IT are subjected to a fourfold check before publication:

  • Formal initial check by Editions Weblaw
  • Review by the editorial team
  • Check by the author
  • Proofreading (incl. moderate editing) by Editions Weblaw
  • Be up-to-date in the topic of IT and Law.
  • Impulses and opinion-forming for science and praxis.
  • Information law and legal information at a glance.
  • Special issues and conference proceedings (i.e. International Legal Informatics Symposium).

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