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Flash 16 July 2019

5th Weblaw Forum LegalTech «Menschen und Maschinen» – 16 July 2019


Dear readers

On any given occasion, Jusletter IT Flash publishes contributions, podcasts and important information between the regular Jusletter IT editions. Today's issue is dedicated to the 5th Weblaw Forum LegalTech «Menschen und Maschinen».

On 5 June 2019, the Weblaw Forum LegalTech 2019 took place at Kursaal Bern for the fifth time. The focus this year was on the fusion of technology and work. 

The panel discussion addressed the question of interaction between humans and machines with additional presentations on practice-oriented experiences regarding the implementation and application of new technologies in the world of work.

This year, the organizers focused on the topic «no buzz», i.e. to find concrete and feasible solutions beyond the buzzwords. In particular, four questions were to be answered:

  • How far do LegalTech developments go?
  • Where and in what is it worth investing?
  • Which tasks need a human hand and what can the «machine» do better?
  • Which new working methods and processes are already being used in other companies?

The various presentations provide answers to all these questions. 

In this issue of Jusletter IT Flash you will find the podcasts of the presentations.

We wish you an exciting listening experience!

Editor, ao. Univ.-Professor Vienna, AT
Franz Kummer
Editor, Co-owner Weblaw AG Bern, CH