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Jusletter IT is published four times a year, online exclusive. Jusletter IT focuses on the fields of IT and Law, especially data protection and data security, big bata as well as e-justice. Specialists, practioners and academics from all fields of law are constantly publishing highly sophisticated articles – in german and/or english language. Articles published in Jusletter IT are quotable and available at the same address (URL) after years.

Jusletter IT is included in the Scopus database for academic journals.

Proceedings IRIS
The Proceedings of the International Legal Informatics Symposium IRIS since 2009 are fully included in Jusletter IT. The annual February issue of Jusletter IT corresponds to the respective proceedings. The previous proceedings can be found in the archive of special issues.

Online – www.jusletter-it.eu
As a subscriber you will receive an e-mail with the abstracts of all articles and the links to the full text. By using the links you can access to the full texts and the Jusletter IT-Database by login.

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A user-friendly search-engine allows you to quickly find articles in the growing Jusletter IT-Database. The database consits of an archive containing all articles of Jusletter IT. Access is eased by categorizing the articles into field of law, type of article and author.

Publishers and Editing Staff
Jusletter IT is published by Erich Schweighofer, extraordinary Univ.-Professor, Vienna (AT) and Franz Kummer, lic. iur., Founder of Weblaw AG, Berne (CH).

For the peer review we have gathered very renowned people from the field. Articles for Jusletter IT are checked four to five times – depends on needs – before being published. Here ist what you can expect:

  • First formal review by Editions Weblaw.
  • Review of content by editorial staff active in the respective field.
  • Review by the author.
  • Editing (incl. basic spelling) by Editions Weblaw.
  • If required, second editing by Editions Weblaw.


  • Up-to-Date in the thematic of IT and Law.
  • Impulse and establishing of opinions for Science and Practice. 
  • Informatics Law and Legal Informatics at a glance.
  • Special issues and conference proceedings (e.g. Internationales Rechtsinformatik Symposium).