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Internet of Things – Digital Edition of Proceedings of the 22nd International Legal Informatics Symposium 2019

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The 22nd International Legal Informatics Symposium deals with the Internet of Things, an essential trend of the knowledge and network society with multiple legal implications pertaining also to Legal Tech and data protection.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of objects – physical devices, (autonomous) vehicles, and other things – with an embedded computer system that makes them uniquely identifiable and also enables them to exchange data and communicate using the Internet infrastructure. The Internet of Things is a realization of the network society and the success of modern technology and mathematically oriented rationalism. The ideas and patterns, however, have existed for a long time. Since the industrial age, it has been about the domestication of machines by humans and, as an undesirable side effect, the domestication of humans by machines have also been at stake. On the Internet of Things, humans are now confronted by a thing controlled by algorithms.

Legally, things capable of communication are a new reality. Legal transactions are increasingly concluded and executed automatically. Decisions are often no longer made by humans, but by algorithmic decisionmaking systems. Vehicles are getting more and more support systems. Smart Contracts and Blockchain are intensively discussed. The legal system is facing a radical change due to the increasing use of technology.

As usual, the conference proceedings include new scientific findings as well as contributions on practical problems and applications of legal informatics. The multimedia publication in cooperation with Editions Weblaw will be continued.

The conference proceedings are divided into the following thematic groups:

  • Internet of Things (general topic)
  • Autonomous driving
  • Blockchain / Smart contracts
  • LegalTech / Legal informatics
  • Legal information & search technologies
  • Robolaw
  • Theory of legal informatics
  • E-government & e-justice
  • E-democracy, e-participation & 
  • Legal theory
  • Legal visualization / Legal design 
  • Security & law
  • Data protection
  • IP law
  • E-commerce
  • E-procurement

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Vienna, Berne and Rovaniemi, in February 2019

Erich Schweighofer, Franz Kummer, Ahti Saarenpää

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  • General Topic: Internet of Things

  • Data Protection

  • Autonomous Driving

  • DTL/Blockchain

  • Advanced Legal Informatics System & Legal Tech

    Legal Information & Search Technologies


  • E-Government & E-Justice

  • E-Democracy & E-Participation & E-Legislation

  • Legal Informatics

    Legal Theory

    Legal Visualisation & Multisensory Law

    Security & Law

  • IP Law

  • E-Commerce

  • E-Procurement